Masood Ahmed Mujahid

( C.E.O )

masood ahmed mujahid c.e.o

Mr. Masood Mujahid is a prominent figure in the field of principals’ and teachers’ training. He is dynamic personality .He has conducted almost 600 training workshops throughout the country and trained more than 21000 teachers and principals.

He has developed more than 24 training modules for principal and teachers training . A number of research articles has been published in renownedjournals. He has worked with many leading institutions as a consultant to ensure the quality education and as a trainer and trained their staff. He is expert in Development of the Quality management system of school and has developed quality tools for ensuring the quality of learning and teaching. He has conducted educational Audit of the nemours institution and gives them recommendation for school improvement.

No institution in Pakistan is providing regular coaching or training to dealing with school marketing. Mr. Mujahid is the first person who designed a complete and comprehensive training course regarding school marketing in the light of his long field work experience,observations and research. And more than 700 schools hasutilized this program and it has proved beneficial for them. Mr.Mujahid is also the head of SMART Training & Consultancy Services that is working in the field of education with aim of ensuring quality education for every students in Pakistan.

Masood Mujahid’s Achievements


• More than 600 training workshops.
• More than 21,000 principals , teachers and parents have been benefited.


• Professional auditor and have conduct more than 34 audits of leading schools throughout Pakistan.

Consultancy on QMS:

• Consultancy on school quality management system development (have worked with 14 leading schools )

Research and Development:

 24 Training modules for teachers and principals.
 More than 50 research & others article on education
 Development of the school policies and procedures (QMS) for all school areas
 Special training sessions for parents (6 modules)
 Development of Educational Quality Audit tool kit
 School Marketing Planning (1st training session on school marketing in Pakistan)
 Activity base character building manuals for students (play group –class 10)
 Career Counseling &youth development training sessions ( 6 modules)