School Marketing Strategies

The training “School Marketing Strategies” is the result of a long time extensive research by the lead trainer(Masood Mujahid). It includes practical and real life experiences and case studies which was conducted in deferent schools of country, this training will prove itself a very effective tool to solve all the problems regarding school marketing.


Schools operate in a competitive marketplace. Not only do they compete with each other to attract pupils, but also to recruit the best staff, gain partnership support and community approval.

As many schools are suffering falling pupil roles and reduced funding, it is increasingly important for schools to market themselves effectively.

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A good marketing strategy can enhance internal and external awareness of the good work that is being accomplished by the school. It provides a method of communicating to students, parents, staff and the community that the school is dedicated to achieving excellence as well as meeting the educational needs of its community.

Marketing is an essential part of school business. Effective marketing can influence every aspect of school life, but the most important result is an enriched learning environment for students

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